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2.5 inch Electric Cutout (Custom)

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Kit includes custom electric cutout, wire harness, and switch.

5 year warranty on gearmotor, 5 years on valve assembly.

ATTENTION! All BadlanzHPE,Inc. valves are only BadlanzHPE,Inc. compatible! WILL NOT BOLT TO ALL AFTERMARKET Y-ADAPTERS!

Dimensions: 4"W x 8" L x 2" Depth

Material Type: 6061 Aluminum


Comparison between Custom, Standard and Low Profile Kits

*** This applies for all Custom, Standard and Low Profile Kits. (Not all sizes shown)

Custom Kits
Standard Kits
Low Profile Kits
2.5 inch "Custom" Kit
2.5 inch Custom kit
2.5 inch "Standard" Kit
2.5 inch Standard kit
2.5 inch "Low Profile" Kit
2.5 inch Low Profile kit
3.0 inch "Custom" Kit
3.0 inch "Standard" Kit
3.0 inch "Low Profile" Kit
Custom,Standard and Low Profile Kits Available in all sizes

  • Some cars or trucks may not have the ground clearance to install the large 3.0 "Custom" Kit. You would then go with the 3.0 "Standard" Kit.
    "Custom" Kits flow much better than "Standard" Kits.